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Project Financing &
Alternative Delivery Models
Construction & Delivery
Self-Perform Capabilities

Real Estate Development

Borgata online SportsbookMaintenance & Turnarounds
Retrofits, Modernizations,
Renovations & Improvements

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Our pre-construction process is transparent, established, flexible and purpose-built to meet the needs of clients. It enables us to create precisely the right plan for executing projects on schedule and on budget.

Pre-construction work methodically details and organizes the services required for successful project delivery–ensuring that all team members understand the requirements, responsibilities, deliverables and milestones in order to seamlessly execute.

Among our many services included in pre-construction are:

  • Design Assist 
  • Estimate Production 
  • Budget Control 
  • Coordinated Project Schedule 
  • Site Planning and Logistics 
  • Value Management
  • Risk and Opportunity Management 
  • Procurement 
  • Quality Control 
  • HSE Management 
  • Digital Construction
Borgata online casino loginThe benefits of pre-construction are most fully realized when the process progresses seamlessly into construction and on through to project completion. As with everything we do, our commitment to teamwork and open, inclusive communication are essential factors in delivering successfully–and smoothly.

Early Contractor Involvement (ECI)

Early Contractor Involvement (ECI) is an efficient method for modifying existing contracts and execution models to enhance collaboration between owner, designer / consultant and contractor. A key benefit is early leveraging of contractor expertise to accelerate a project schedule.

By engaging the construction provider in the process before design work is complete, key aspects of constructability and feasibility can be assessed, and potential problems identified. Concurrently, a critical work path can be created while design borgata promo codeis being finalized. ECI and collaborative contracting are proven success-drivers in Integrated Project Delivery, Progressive Design Build, ECI P3 and Alliance.

Graham’s long experience developing and integrating collaborative contracting models like ECI are how we continue to deliver innovative solutions to complex construction challenges. Solutions yielding real cost savings, faster project delivery and better outcomes for all stakeholders.

Explore More Services

Project Financing & Alternative Delivery Models

We provide sound financial enabling and guidance using alternative delivery methods to ensure project success.
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Regardless of the delivery method, our collaborative, true-partner culture is reflected in how we Borgata online Sportsbookbuild. As employee-owners, we prioritize open, transparent communications.

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Real Estate Development

Creating vibrant and sustainable communities through the development of mixed-use, multi-family residential, office, industrial and retail projects.

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Retrofits, Modernizations, Renovations & Improvements

We possess the skills, experience and capabilities to deliver retrofit and improvement projects within the allotted schedule.

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Digital Construction & Delivery

We utilize a complete spectrum of digital pre-construction and building information technologies to deliver smarter solutions to complex construction challenges.

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Self-Perform Capabilities

Our enormous fleet of modern, well-maintained equipment provides an enhanced level of budgeting, scheduling, productivity and quality control.

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Borgata online SportsbookMaintenance & Turnarounds

We provide brownfield services to industrial facilities including maintenance, turnarounds, sustaining capital projects, fabrication, commissioning and site start-up.

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